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roizee2009 | 20:30 Wed 22nd Feb 2017 | Motoring
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hi i am disabled and i park outside shops with my blue badge and time showing on double yellow lines which i am allowed to do but now they have painted double yellow kerb markings but have not put any signs on posts indicating no parking at all would i get prosecuted for parking without these signs


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No, you can't park there if there are kerb markings indicating no loading.

I cut and paste this from the Dept of Transport leaflet about blue badges:

Badge holders may park on single or double
yellow lines for up to three hours but in general
not where there are restrictions on loading or
unloading – indicated by yellow kerb dashes
and/or signs on plates. (You may wish to check
whether a particular local authority has chosen to
exempt Blue Badge holders from this restriction.)

You would struggle to appeal a ticket issued, on the grounds that there were no plates displayed.

Your only hope is the last line about whether your local authority chooses to exempt blue badge holders from this restriction.
Double yellow kerb markings should be supplemented by a '"No Loading At Any Time" plate but the absence of such a plate (or even of the kerb markings) wouldn't necessarily invalidate the order prohibiting loading (and, by extension, parking by blue badge holders). The courts have ruled, for example, that parking where there would normally be double yellow lines (even though those lines have disappeared due to resurfacing of the road) can still lawfully lead to the imposition of a fine/penalty charge.

So I'd advise not attempting to use your blue badge there unless your local authority has chosen to vary the normal rules about "no loading" areas (as they're permitted to do) so that blue badge holders can use them.

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Double Yellow Lines

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