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sapelesam | 00:24 Wed 01st Feb 2017 | Motoring
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Airstream UK. For some reason I can't type in the heading box. Not really motoring but as close as I can get. Had some friends staying who discussed wanting to buy a new Airstream, I suggested we have a trip up to Tebay (near Penrith) to have a look at them at the dealers based there. Went online and when I clicked on Airstreams it went to page unknown or not allowed access. I'm guessing Airstream UK is no longer there. Does anybody know who is now the UK dealer, no luck online.


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## For some reason I can't type in the heading box. ##

I have same prob, sent msg to Ed.
It looks like there's currently no UK dealership. The UK link here is greyed out
suggesting that there used to be a UK website but that it no longer exists.

The link here is also dead:

For an authoritative answer, send an email to their European HQ here:
[email protected]
or contact their US HQ via the form here:
^^^ That appears to be the Tebay company which Sapelesam thinks no longer exists, 1ozzy.

However the Companies House website lists the firm as still active (and they submitted official paperwork as recently as last November).

Perhaps a phone call to 01539 624141 (or to one of the directors' mobile phones ) might clarify the situation?

It occurs to me that Adventure Leisure Vehicles might no longer be recognised as an official dealership of Airstream (which would explain why there's no reference to the company on the Airstream websites) but might still have some Airstream stock anyway.
PS: Adventure Leisure Vehicles Ltd was known as Airstream Europe Ltd until 28 August 2015.
Pretty much what I thought Chris as airstream still appears on their site.
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Thanks to all for your input, I will give them a call. Does anybody know why I can't use the ASK box?
Please email the Ed ( [email protected] ) to notify AB's team about your text input problem. (They're still trying to get everything on the new site right, so they need feedback from people who're experiencing problems).

Make sure that you mention:
(a) the type of device you're using (Windows PC, Mac, Android device, iPad, etc) ;
(b) the browser you're using (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Dolphin, Safari, etc) ; and
(c) whether you were trying to use the box on AB's 'front page' or whether you first came into the 'Motoring' section and tried typing here.

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