Bmw 330E

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ozmeister | 20:23 Tue 31st Jan 2017 | Motoring
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Considering taking one on lease through work but have no intention whatseover of ever plugging in. Purely the economics of saving c15% BIK on a c£40k car (with extras) which for a 40% tax payer equates to a £200k saving per month netto (comparing 22% BIK on a 320d and 7% BIK on a 330e). However the downside will be fuel consumption, I average 1500 miles per month and currently average c50 MPG in the 320d. Assuming 40 MPG in 330e that would look like a 25% increase in fuel costs per month (c£50) which is still considerably less than the BIK saving ? I am more concerned re the performance 0-62 without the benefit of the 'e', anybody know how they perform from the off and also mid-range with the electric motor disengaged ?


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If you are a 40% taxpayer .. why would £15 a week come into the mathematics ?
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£200 per month net tax savings less the additional £50 in fuel is £150 per month saving which is about £35 per week by maths, regardless of whether I pay tax at 20%, 40% or 50% it is better in my pocket, the crux of the question was whether the potential savings offset the potential loss in performance, but thanks for your concern.

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Bmw 330E

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