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Bazile | 17:25 Thu 05th Jan 2017 | Motoring
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Had a puncture in my car tyre repaired .
The guy put the wheel nuts back on using a gun only

I'm just thinking , should he have also check the 'tightness' ( for want of another word ) with a normal wheel nut wrench after using the gun ?


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You could always check it yourself Baz, just to make sure.
Whilst its ok to 'whizz' them on with an airgun, they should re-check the settings with a Torque wrench.
It could well be that the gun has torque settings.
They usually tell you to recheck after driving a certain distance on them anyway.
//It could well be that the gun has torque settings.//
In fact, it would be pretty amazing in this day and age if it didn't.
The nuts should be checked with a torque wrench after about half an hour stationary or after approximately 40 miles driving.
The garage should do it for you in either case.
As stated, the Air Gun will have had a Torque & it will have be set.
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Not trying to scare you Bazile, did you ask them to check the wheel balance? they may have done this for you.
the gun would have the correct torque setting so assuming it's working it should be fine but being a bit OCD about nuts and bolts i would always check myself if i don't see the fitter do it. To be fair though my local tyreland always put the manual bar on them anyway.
working in the trade our guys have high end air guns but they still check with a proper torque wrench, wouldnt trust an air gun anyway all our torque wrenches are numbered/ calibrated/checked by an outside company every 6 months, they DONT calibrate air guns. You are more in danger of over tightening than under tightening we have 3 BMWs here that have had nuts 'gunned up' we are still trying to remove them, and yes we have all the high tech kit to do it but still struggling...
if the garage is PAS approved they have to torque them with a wrench..part of the standard
Chas, the last E36 I had, I'd snapped 2 Wheel studs by using a bar ( Not a Torque) my own fault, but I sorted it out.
Most air guns will tighten much stronger than a person, my garage always lets the owner tighten a wheel with the brace. As they point out what do you do if you're in the middle of nowhere and can't undo the nuts to change a wheel.

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