Driving Through Flood Waters

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mikey4444 | 11:14 Tue 22nd Nov 2016 | Motoring
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Isn't this just plain stupid ? All cars have catalytic converters these days, and I have always been led to believe driving through deep flood waters, especially at speed was daft and dangerous !


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yes, there's what looks like sound advice here

though my own advice, which I have taken, is "live on a hill".
I once drove my bosses brand new Peugeot into a 12 inch flood. The engines just locked solid and was a right off. The air intake sucked the water straight into the engine, you cant compress water!! The air intake was mounted directly behind the grill. New engine required!

I didnt get employee of the month reward that month!

I think, it would be best to drive at high speed rather than dawdle, thereby pushing the water away. Though it might be frowned on by nearby pedestrians.
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Khandro....better not to dive through flood waters at all would be my suggestion !
Khandro, was this you then? ☺☺☺

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Slackie....that looked awful....stupid people doing stupid things !

Sound advice from jno's link
///If you decide to go through, stay on the crown of the road where possible and crawl through the water very slowly in first gear. Keep the engine revs up (by slipping the clutch if necessary) to avoid water entering the exhaust pipe. Also avoid the temptation to make a quick exit, as going at speed can push water into the engine///
That's the way to do it!
No worries here!
Perfect demonstration of how NOT to do it by the police. Note at the end of the clip the water depth was only halfway up the wheel.

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Slackie....I enjoyed that last one !....what bloody pillocks !
Baldric @10:28 is absolutely right. Driving fast causes a bow-wave which will affect other vehicles and houses, if any nearby. Don't forget to dry your brakes out as soon as you get out of the water by driving with your left foot lightly on the brake pedal. You don't have to do but if you don't you might find yourself using the other method of stopping.
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Baldric is most certainly not even near right !

You should drive through standing water only if its a few inches deep, like 4-5 inches. Driving though deep water is plain stupid, at whatever speed, as can be seen on here today.
No, JNO and Baldric are absolutely right - IF, and only IF, you decide you must drive through the water, for whatever reason, aim for where you think the water is shallowest and drive very slowly.
Rally drivers don't seem to slow down very much
It all depends on what you're driving.
driving thro floods
why dont they swim like birds do ?
OK some birds
erm swimming birds like ducks ....
You should suss the situation out before you enter the flood, once in, you are on your own.

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Driving Through Flood Waters

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