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jamesnan | 21:41 Tue 11th Oct 2016 | Motoring
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My daughter has a 5 year old Mini, which she purchased 6 months ago, privately, and has the full record of servicing carried out by a Mini garage. The car has now been diagnosed with a fault by a Mini garage, with a repair cost of £2.250. and both her and a garage mechanic friend have been doing some research online and has found out that the same Mini problem occurred in USA and all the vehicles were recalled there. Mini are refusing to recall the car here so that the repair can be done by them.

This does not seem very fair, and has anyone else had the same type of problem.


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it would help if you could tell us what the issue is. Perhaps a link to the US diagnosis and recall details?
Here is a link
It is a problem with one of the air bags that does not deploy correctly in a side impact, but it says the problem is only a computer software issue and fixing it is very cheap and easy just a reprogramming. I can't see how that is going to cost £2,250.
I think the garage is trying to pull a fast one jamesnan. The software will be different for the UK models as we have different airbags due to driving on the other side of the road so the problem probably does not apply to UK models anyway. Mini would definitely be forced to recall UK models if it applied here so I am even more sure the garage is trying it on!
Try a different garage. I'm surprised you've had this treatment, as I have a Mini and the garage couldn't be more helpful.
Eddie - your link only applies to cars around 1 year old, not 5 years as jamesnan says. It must be a diffent problem. Perhaps jamesnan can be more specific (as TTT has asked).
Ok but the only other USA recall is this one
Which again I do not think applies to UK cars which have a different system.
^^ That only applies to the Cooper and Cooper S in USA spec.
I am still sure the garage is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, I know two people who own Minis and they have never heard of the problem.
Go to a different garage as suggested, 'Mini' is part of BMW so any BMW agent should be able to help.
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Thanks for the info, being a person who does not really "know" cars 100% sure but I think it is a problem between the gearbox and the engine. I will find out more but it makes a clunking sound whilst being driven
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ps It is a Mini Countryman 11 Reg
did the garage that quoted £2250, say what work was necessary? £2250 sound like new gearbox sort of range to me.
Drive shafts, if it was the two ( One each side) the total bill would not come to that.
The USA spec 'Countryman' was the only model recalled in the latest recall , but as I said it is only a case of reprogramming the computer chip. So only £20 or so at most , nowhere near £2,250 !!!!
I still think the garage is taking advantage of someone who ( as you admit) does not know much about cars.
I doubt a re programed chip will stop a gearbox issue Eddie.
^TWR, Yes I agree, but the questioner was saying that there has been a recall of USA Minis with this fault, there have only been two recalls of USA Mini's, one for an airbag fault ( that is the computer chip one) and one for power steering faults. None for gearbox faults as is the case here.
For £2250 you could fit a complete reconditioned engine and gearbox !
A 'clunk' when driving is, as you suggest, more like a drive shaft fault.
jamesnan, do you know a local independant garage with a good reputation? If so take the car there and ask them to look at it , no need for a main dealer with a 5 year old car.

Are the gears difficult to engage?
Do you find the Noise been loud when you either turn left / right James?
When you DE Press the clutch, does the noise / sound go silent?
What makes you say "It's between the Engine / Gearbox"?
If she has owned it less than 6 months then the supplying garage would normally be responsible for fixing it.
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private sale, so a problem there, and apparently it is the Transfer Box
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She has had to pay full amount for repair. The answer from Mini is basically "given the history and past ownership of the car " - one lady owner, purchased from Mini, and "history of servicing" fully serviced by Mini at their workshop, they deny any responsibility! Shame on you Mini!!!

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