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rivieraboy | 10:06 Wed 05th Oct 2005 | Motoring
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im being quoted �500 to replace the cam belt on my 2.5 rover 75 is this realistic .Although the car has only covered 37,000 it is 6 years old.


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Why do you want to replace the cam belt?.  If it is because you wish to be on the safe side - as my friendly mechanic always advises me - then it most certainly is expensive.  If, however, it is to replace a broken belt and sort out the damage it caused in breaking, then it may be justified although even then it calls for a second and third opinion.  My mechanic has been caught out on this hence his advice.

Too much.

Cam belt should be changed at the time or mileage that the manufacturer says.  If the service history is such that it has not been done and should have (37K likely) or it is due then it must be done.  If it breaks or slips your engine will suffer,possibly big time.

It is easier on some engines than others but a 75 is no Ferrari so a  solid garage mechanic could supply and fit this even making a decent wage for about 100 to 150.

It's a V6 Rover engine and if it's like the previous Honda V6 engine used the cambelt was changed at 96,000 miles.

The belt itself might be expensive and therefore raising the cost but even so I can't see it costing more than �150 tops to supply and fit.

Trouble is that most garages now change the best as part of a kit, so it's not just the cost of replacing the belt alone, it also involves replacing rollers etc. Also, apart from the recommended mileage for a cam belt change the time factor has to be taken into consideration. For example if the vehicle is used as a taxi it could be idling for long periods and going nowhere, if you see what I mean. Six qoutes for cam belt kit change for my 2ltr Mondeo vary from �160 - �220. Shop around at good local garages.

Our 2.5 Rover 75 has covered 38k in six years. It cost us �800 for the full service and belt change. The belts should be changed at 90k or six years. Our local garage could not do the job, too many special tools required.

Hi there,

I just bought a Rover 418SLD turbo diesel, but I want to replace the cambelt. What is the price? Can somebody to give me advice, how can I do it myself, but I think it s better, if a mechanic is doing it, if you know a reliable man around Gatwick area

answer in email, please:

many thanx

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