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Bob906 | 17:16 Wed 20th Jan 2016 | Motoring
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My Daughter lives in Los Angeles but comes home once a year and stops in a hotel, she has a house she owns and rents out, her UK licence is up for the 10 year renewal, which address does she put on the application, her house she rents out or her LA address. Thank you in anticipation.


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Probably best to use yours Bob, the address on a licence needs to be one which any correspondence sent out would reach her. The LA address would not be accepted and unless she has an arrangement with her tenants that would be a dodgy address too.
Her Home Address is in L.A. that should be on her document.

From Gov.UK Site (renewing your Driving Licence)
Before you start you’ll need to:
have your driving licence
and be a resident of Great Britain

Don't know why this didn't print (from same site)

///If you’re moving abroad, you can’t register your new address on your British driving licence. Contact the driving licence authority in your new country of residence.///
//Alternatively you can also apply to change your address online. However they will ask you for your residence in the last 3 years, and if you came from an EU country, and were not living in the UK for at least half a year they will not consider you as a UK resident, and will not allow you to continue the process. If you finish this process they will send you a letter where you have to send your old licence back to them. //

They will not accept addresses out of the UK for a UK licence TWR.

///Her Home Address is in L.A. that should be on her document.///


These things are so easy to check.
what address is on it now? let her use your address, probably the only way. What do DVLA advise?
interesting discussion here:
Basically she has to surrender her license and if she comes back re apply. Personally I'd just register it at the address of family/friend, yes technically illegal but the legal approach is a total pain.
"yes technically illegal but the legal approach is a total pain".

Maybe, but assures that insurance cover is valid when she drives in the UK. Rules may be a pain but insurance companies just love to find a reason to revoke cover - and I reckon this would constitute such a reason.
She is not a UK resident therefore she can not hold a UK driving licence.
To be legal she has to rent/ drive a car on her USA licence and put her USA address.I had this when I went to live in Saudi Arabia I had to use an international licence based on my Saudi Licence and address to hire a car.
As said, she will probably get away with using a UK address unless she has an accident when the insurance will be void!
Tell her to get an international licence based on her USA licence, that can be used for 6 months after she returns permanently then reapply for a UK licence.
A lot of the stuff on TTT's link is just plain WRONG !
ANY driving licence used in the UK MUST BY LAW give your correct postal address.
I have lived overseas twice, once in Zambia and once in Saudi Arabia,in both cases I had to use my overseas licensees to drive in the UK as I was no longer a UK resident.
Again as said, as long as you do not have an accident you will almost certainly get away with it,but not if you have an accident , the insurance company will refuse to pay out and void cover. That will mean you will be personally liable for damages that could be in the £millions and have a conviction for driving without insurance and get the car crushed ! Just not worth it !!
Just to clarify,the law is that once you have been out of the UK for 6 months are resident outside the UK ,you are required to surrender your UK licence to the DVLA. Then when you come back you re-apply for your licence at your new UK address. This is free of charge and is what I had to do. You do not have to retake your UK driving test.
Sorry, > once you have been out of the UK for 6 and are resident outside the UK (missed the 'and')

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