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Ivorlittlein | 17:25 Wed 11th Mar 2015 | Motoring
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Anyone tell me if a Ford Kuga Diesel Engine is very noisy? Thank You.


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Hope not, have just ordered one.
yes, all diesel engines are very noisy.
No they're not. Noisy under the bonnet, maybe, but certainly not in the inside. Once you're on the move you can't tell the difference.
Sorry TTT but my Zafira diesel is no more noisy than any petrol engine. Can't hear it on tickover from outside or inside the car.
There are 2 types of diesel direct injection or common rail, direct injection are the older 'traditional ' type and are a lot more noisy. Only common rail diesels are allowed to be sold in Europe now, they are much quieter and more efficient.
Yes but no more than the Vauxhall Mokka diesel, I have driven both.
I think the crossover diesels tend to be slightly noisy but for me, not annoyingly so.
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Thank You all for your replies,very helpful.

From inside the car fair enough but stand next to it and they all sound like a 10 ton truck. I will accept diesel whe I cannot tell it's a diesl by listening to it form outside. They all sound like an old angle box with the tappits gone. Gawd eddie a mate of mine has a zafira and I can hear it from inside my house!
Must be scrap then.
I've a Focus Titanium diesel on a 12 plate and inside or out its no noisier than the average motor.
Some diesels are louder than others. One thing is certain. A diesel in good condition will always be louder than a petrol in good condition.

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