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keyplus90 | 19:20 Sat 29th Nov 2014 | Motoring
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I am not sure if this question should go here or under "Law". When I insured my vehicle they asked for annual mileage. Because I work from home and therefore my annual mileage is usually less than 5000 miles. So i told them about that. Now due to a couple of camping trips here and there I am already near 5000 mark but there are still 5 month to go until renewal. I had to send them my mileage (then) on a declaration form.

My question is that should I inform the insurance company? And what may happen if I don't? I spoke to a couple of friends and they say that the only problem may occur if you ever have an accident.


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I had a similar problem (it's often difficult to forecast your mileage).

I contacted my insurers (I never want to give them any opportunity to refuse to pay out). I gave them a new prediction and they noted it but charged me nothing (I was told it should have been an extra tenner but they would waive it).
We have a classic car which has a limited mileage which we chose. Each time the insurance is renewed we have to give a correct mileage reading. It is true that if you are involved in an accident then the insurers will refuse to pay if it is proved you are over your mileage allowance.
You may be able to make an adjustment agreement with your insurer at a cost of course.
Same as New Judge. When I retired and spoke to my insurer about it (Sheila's Wheels) they said it only becomes an issue if you do loads over the estimate as increased miles means increase risk of accident. They said have a good guess as to what your mileage will be and if it looks like way exceeding to then tell them otherwise don't worry.
Sheila's wheels have never asked for my odometer reading.
Yes you should.
what may happen is nothing at all
BUT what if?????
Your vehicle mileage is recorded at MoT time. OK, it doesn't apply to newish vehicles and I seem to remember something about MoTs not being required for classic vehicles but it does catch most of us.
Yes, inform them - they love to have an excuse not to pay out on claims, and no doubt over-running mileage would be exploited by them to this effect.
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Thanks to all of you. I will call them and will let them know. This actually happened first time to me. I always insured 10K miles although I have never driven that much in last 12 years. This year I had to give them mileage as I bought new vehicle (VW Transporter Shuttle) and it was difficult to insure as normally known insurance companies do not insure them. My 80% mileage is usually done in Summer. It is true that I should let them know because I got 19 Years No claim bonus so might as well.
I think this asking for your mileage is a total Scam by the Insurance Comps, never was this asked years back regards your mileage, they way these company's are going, they will ask you what you have for your breakfast next in case it effects your driving, If you are reading this Stewy, are they same in Canada?
TWR they didn't need to ask for mileage then, the man with the red flag who walked in front used to keep count.
TWR, I get very cheap insurance because I drive less than 5k miles a year - where exactly is the scam?
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TWR - I believe the same. It is one more way of perhaps making extra money but what can we do?
When I was HGV Driving, week one could be doing 2000 miles, 2nd week, 1500, & I had to hold the flag myself. nothing was ever said regards mileage, another con job.
TWR, that is because you wasn't applying for a reduction in your insurance for not driving many miles.

You only have to give your mileage if you are.
I did not own the HGV, Never mind.

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