Recently Bought Car Broke Down, Advice Needed Please...

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dalebillster | 14:34 Mon 10th Nov 2014 | Motoring
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Hiya all, I bought a car from a garage forecourt om 20th Sept this year. I paid £1000 for it. Admittedly not the most expensive car available as its a 12 year old mondeo diesel estate. Iv had a couple issues with the car already but stuff that needed doing to most cars, brake pads, full service and rear shock absorbers. I tried starting the car this morning only for it not to start, battery warning light appeared on my dashboard & my dad assures me its the alternator. I have all the necessary receipts but no mention of any warranty, nor the old 'sold as seen' phrase on the receipt. Where do i stand on getting this fixed/ paid for by the garage? im pretty frustrated now on the amount of money iv thrown at this car considering the short amount of time iv have had it for... Dale


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I doubt that you've got any realistic chance of claiming against the seller (especially if the car was sold without a warranty).

I'd also question whether it's actually an alternator fault. I've had the alternator pack up on several cars and it's always happened while I've actually been driving. The chances of an alternator providing enough power to get you home but not enough power to leave the battery charged would seem to be fairly slim to me. It's far more likely to be a duff battery, which won't hold sufficient charge overnight.

A new battery would probably only cost around £60 to £80, with free fitting, if you phone around for quotes. If you actually need an alternator, a breaker's yard should only charge around £30 to £40 for one. Search here:
My local garage would probably only charge 1 hour's labour (£48 inc VAT), at the very most, for fitting it.
Hi there: There's almost certainly not a lot you can do to get the other fella to cough up for repairs, after all, the car is 12 year's old and you didn't receive a written guarantee. Think positive, you're probably experiencing a bout of cold weather and the first item on a car to say 'cheers' will be the battery. Get it checked out and I think you won't have further trouble in that direction for 12 months or so. Being a diesel, it will need a good 'un to crank the motor over. Drive safe ...
The car is not fit for purpose, take it back or call T.S. For advise.
I'm with Chris (Buenchico) on this, I would suspect the battery.

Why does your Dad think it's the alternator?
Usually if the alternator is knackered the ignition light will come on or flicker.
If the battery light comes on while you're driving it is normally the alternator, but its worthwhile playing with a multimeter before you fork out for a battery or alternator. remembering that a lot of cheap meters aren't that accurate you should be looking for 12.5-13v's for a battery and then 13.8-14.5v's across the battery with the engine running.

I (maybe mistakenly) always thought if you bought from a garage then you had 3months warranty?

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Recently Bought Car Broke Down, Advice Needed Please...

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