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NISAR1 | 14:54 Thu 23rd Oct 2014 | Motoring
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I have had trouble with my car battery as it would not hold charge and struggled to start up in the mornings. I noticed that when I open the doors using the key fob the other 3 doors do not open and have to open them by pressing the button on the drivers side door.

New battery has now been fitted but when I press the key fob button it still does not activate all the doors. Is there something that is not fully charged in the electronics? The car starts fine since yesterday.

Plz help Thanks


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On our Golf you have to press the unlock button on the fob twice to open all the doors, once just opens the drivers door.
Disconnecting the old battery in order to fit the new one may have caused some settings to revert to factory settings. Your handbook will tell you how to set them to your liking.
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Yes it did open the doors if I pressed the fob twice but since the battery was down it started to play up then. When I changed the battery I started the car first then replaced the battery. I may just over the weekend remove one of the battery terminals and connect it back again. The worst that will happen is I will lose my radio stations.
If your local garage has VCDS or VAG-COM software, the remote functionality can be programmed back into the car, it sounds like the comfort (remote locking, electric windows etc. computer) module has dropped back to basic settings.
Or pop into your local VW dealer and ask how much they would charge to do it. Make sure you're sitting down ...
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Thanks guys for all your thoughts. I went to my VW local dealer and they said we will first need to do a diagnostic check that would be £65 and then once we have found the fault we will charge you to fix it.

I decided to go home and search the web and I came across someone saying if you disconnect the negative connection on the battery for a minute and then connect it back again that should work. So just now gave it a shot a YES finally done all works well. The only thing that does not work is the puddle light on drivers side door which is the locking module inside the door so do not get a warning on the dash if tht door is open or not. Will need to sort it out in summer as it is a long job.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply have a great weekend.

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