I Know The Car Tax System Is Due To Change

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tamaris | 11:35 Wed 27th Aug 2014 | Motoring
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on the 1st October, so if you are buying a car in the next week or two do you just tax it as normal ? Not to clear to me.


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You will still have to pay road tax after Oct 1st but you will no longer have a disc to put inside the windscreen. Tax your new car as normal. You may get a tax disc up to Oct 1st or 12 months. I don't know which.
Just tax as normal, 6 or 12, then the new system for you will come in when you either sell the car and buy another or your tax runs out.
but it as normal when it changes in October you have the choice of continuing to display your tax disc, or you can take it out
yes display it if you like but it matters not.

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So I have my car taxeduntil Feb 2015 selling it in the next week or so, should I claim back my six months. The guy in the garage cant know about the change as he asked me to leave the tax on ?
tamaris....I think the guy in the garage does know.!!!
Are you selling privately or trading it in in part-exchange?
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I believe the tax goes with the person and not the car Quote from new tax disc system,,,,,,,,Anyone buying a new car will no longer be able to benefit if there are months left on a cars tax disc as their tax will no longer be transferred, with the car , so buyers will need to renew their tax straight away or risc a fine,
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Part exchange
But that's from 1st October. Your garage will take your car with a tax disc in September and could either sell it like that in September or cash in the disc at the end of September and leave it to the buyer to tax it
Yes and the side effect of this (which I'm sure did not cross the government's mind) is that they will get one additional month's tax revenue from every car that is sold (unless it is sold at midnight at the end of the day the tax runs out).
I heard on the radio this afternoon that cars sold in September will be supplied with a disc, valid for one month, that either the owner or garage has to cut out.
Apparently the supply of perforated paper discs is exhausted.
It all seems like a chancer's charter given how few ANPR cameras there are versus the number of cars on the road. No more casual glances in the car park or at the roadside resulting in the issue of a ticket.
Loads of petrol stations have something that records reg numbers- are they linked to the database and do they trigger anything, I wonder.
Those are to record the number plates of non-payers. The old bill generally turn up the next day and view the evidence so no, not linked to the database.

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I Know The Car Tax System Is Due To Change

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