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ferrobus | 19:09 Wed 17th Aug 2005 | Motoring
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Hi. My Focus (2002) ran out of battery, and now the radio-cd player asks for the code. As you can guess, I can't find it... Does anyone know how to find out this code? I know this has been asked a few times in the past, sorry. Thanks a lot (a silent focus driver)


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it should be written on a credit card size card in your log book, if you cant find it here (normally in the radio instruction book) You can take the registration documents/proof of ownership to a ford dealer who will get the code for you, this will cost you around a tenner though,  it was �10 for mine,  when you do get it i advise you write it down and keep it in the log book for future reference

I have seen ads on e-bay for guys that will get your code from the serial number on the radio, it was just a few pounds as I recall (2 or 3 ish).

Try searching there

Have you checked the manual that came with the car?

I have a X reg Fiesta and the radio code was in the Audio section of the manual.

Try the supplying dealer - they often will have a record on their invoices. If it can not be found then you will need to pull the radio out - write the numbers down from the side - a ford dealer will put it into their computer and find the code for you
I had this problem with a Peugeot.  The main dealer was quite happy to provide the service, but said it would cost me at least �25 + VAT for the fitters to remove the radio to get the serial number off the side.  I got the number myself and phoned wigan  cars - see link - . Brilliant! �9.95 within 10 minutes.  Good luck
let me know the serial number and I should be able to give you the code ( I have a programme for Ford radio codes that appears to be 100% successful) - worked on mine and cross referred it on other forums and yet to fail.
The code should be something like M and 7 digits.
You can get the code from the serial number at for �5
Hi, I need a code for my 2000 Ford Focus radio, model number M222928. Does anyone have it?

vincenzo .. ur code should be 7544
Can anyone help me with my 2001 Focus CD Player's CODE, please?
The serial number is M179104.
Thanks in advance
5000 RDS with serial: M040990 anyone can help?

thank you very much!
grazie mille!
Hi, Struggling to obtain a code for my radio/CD player for an 06 Ford Focus. My serial number (V 128755) seems to be a bit obscure. Model number is KW2000. Hopefully someone can help! Thanks in anticipation of your help.

Hey I've got a Focus (2003) with a serial number M210837 but I don't have/know my key code, can anyone help me out please?

Cheers Alex
Hey I've got a Ford Focus (2003) but don't have a key code for it, can anyone help me out? the serial number is M210837

Cheers Alex
last resort to find the serial number ! i took the shelf under the steering wheel off its only 3 screws , you can look at the side o the radio and see the serial number you may need a torch , then went on a website paid a fiver and they gave me the code . it took less than 10 mins . simples !
Can anyone help me, I need a code for my ford focus radio, the serial number is M277455.
Ford Focus 2.0 tdci Titanium radio code
Hi could you please help with a ford focus radio code

serial number :CVM115803

thanks at all !!
M040990 = 2856
M210837 = 7029
M277455 = 7408
You need to verify all your papers. Usually it is written somewhere on the user manual...
If not visit this page you will learn how to get your <a href="
radio code</a> simple and fast.

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