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jamesnan | 22:38 Thu 10th Apr 2014 | Motoring
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My husband will be 70 in July and will therefore need to renew his driving licence. He is very proud of the fact that he still has an original paper driving licence (albeit very creased ) which is kept in a cover. When he gets his new licence will it still have all the same categories listed for what he is able to drive at the moment, or will it be changed to standard list? Is he able to ask for the same coverage for the new one?
I believe the old list is much larger than the new.


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Does he still drive all the vehicles he is at present allowed to? Or is it just the family car? If the former a covering letter with the application may do the trick, if not then the current classifications should cover him more than adequately.
all the old codes will have been converted in the system already so when he gets the new licence it will have the same entitlements converted to the new equivalents. Some of them will be codes with a note code attached but essentially he will have the same entitlements. For example when I passed my test, code A was a standard manual Car, B was an automatic only etc.Now A is a motorcycle B is a car. etc There are still codes for all the stuff that ever was there so the track laying/odd vehicles entitlement will be there just represented slightly differenty. WARNING DVLA have been known to lose things so make a copy of the old licence.
Not all categories automatically transfer to the renewed licence at age 70.

Minibus entitlements D1 & D1+E require a re-application accompanied by a D4 medical examination report.
Licences to drive minibuses, buses and lorries need to be renewed annually from age 65 anyway (and, before that, every 5 years from age 45):
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Separate from PCV/LGV licensing, drivers who passed a category B test before 1st January 1997 were usually granted automatically category D1 (not for hire or reward) minibus entitlement which remains valid in the UK and on temporary visits abroad until the age of 70.

If the minibus entitlement is renewed at age 70 it is usually granted as category D1 and D1+E with validity for 3 years.
He will probably need a letter from his doctor to say he is still fit to drive a vehicle over 3.5 tons. Some motorhomes come into this category, as my brother found out.

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Driving Licence Renewal

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