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Jaysus, he's lucky to have walked away from that, rusty.
Question Author
He's a 'king, stupid, brain dead idiot.
Just seen it on the local news --- that is one lucky sod ......
Did he think he was taking part in the Isle Of Man TT ?

And why did he move to the right hand lane , just before the incident ?
I know, rusty, but a very lucky one.
Question Author
I hope his organs are in good nick, riding like that he's soon to become a donor!
Incidentally - why is there an arrow on the lane on the left hand side pointing in the opposite direction ?
Question Author
It warns overtaking drivers coming the other way that there's double white lines ahead.
Just seen this on Granada Reports. Very lucky but also very stupid, too. Probably stick to 29 mph from now on.
Guy can't ride, if you're going to do that then stay on your own side of the road, especially on a bend! Basically he understimated the corner, needed to lean over more but he was half way round and it was too late. Lucky to walk away from that.

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