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brenda43 | 23:24 Tue 02nd Aug 2005 | Motoring
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How is it suggested you reduce understeer in a front wheel drive car whilst driving on the road?


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Lifting off in corners should increase oversteer in a front-wheel-drive car, i.e. the car turns in. I believe the technique was used to great effect when the Minis came out in the 60s. So to maximise cornering speed you go into the corner slightly faster than you think the car will get round it and suddenly lift off. Scary and not recommended though !

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Thank you for your answer. It is  a great help. B
As I understand it the slower you go the less understeer you'll have. Lifting off the gas did work unless you were in a terminal understeer position. Most of the sports and rally minis has tremendous power and they actually put their foot down even further on the gas to drag the car round the bend,

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