VW intrument panel and sliding side door handle needed

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georgina-may | 18:53 Tue 02nd Aug 2005 | Motoring
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Please can anyone tell me where i can get a second hand instrument panel and handle from. they dont make them any more. It is a VW Transporter B reg 1984. every thing else works! the speedo works and so do the lite behind it, but the petrol and temp gage don't. it would be nice to know when i am about to run out of petrol! Thanks everso. 


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Are you sure its the gauges? I would think it more likely the sender unit in the tank has gone up the creek, and the temp sender unit might just have had the connection wire fall off/broken. Wait for opinions from our mechanics.
you truck drivers... actually it is possible that these are two seperate faults but unlikely. not sure about a volky, but if i wanted to test a guage on a conventional vehicle, i would take off the wire on the relevant switch, hold against a suitable earth and get someone to turn on the ignition DO NOT START THE ENGINE. if the needle moves on the guage, you can assume that it and the wiring going to it are o.k. therefore it is the switch at fault. only problem is i dont have the foggiest where the temp gauge switch is on an air cooled volkswagen engine...
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Thanks for that. There was some coke a cola spilt over the instrument panel by a child! both gauges stopped working when it got wet. It is water cooled we hoped it could be fixed but our friend said we would need another one. Does that help? 
We have to think on the road Paul... no AA for us!! Can't you get just the gauges GM? As to sources, with an '84 I think you will have to resort to breakers yards if a VW dealer can't help you.

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VW intrument panel and sliding side door handle needed

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