'old Style' Paper Driving Licence.

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david21 | 19:51 Fri 04th Oct 2013 | Motoring
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during a chat with some of my work mates I discovered that out of about a dozen of us I was the only one with the old pink and green paper drivers licence.....just wondering how may of us were left.


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I still have mine. It's like an old dishcloth.
still have mine ... don't i have to renew it for a plastic one when i'm seventy?
I still have mine....and it's like new, because I never take it out of the house!
Had mine for 43 years until we moved.
DVLA issued a new plastic one with new address.
You only need to send your licence to the dvla if you change your address. So if you still have an old style pink one that is ok as lying as you still live at the address on the licence.
A friend of mine had to be crb checked. This is when we found out this info.
I've still got mine and, like Aelmpvw, I thought that it would remain valid until my 70th birthday. However it seems that we'll all have to get a photo-card licence in 2015:
Ooh! Snap!
"You only need to send your licence to the dvla if you change your address."

Or you change your name.
Or you reach 70.
Or you acquire endorsements.
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ha,ha gingejbee....i'm the same ,I never carry it with me,my dad who's 76 has had the plastic one since he turned 70 and has to re-apply every 3 years.

I know that the government were going to make them compulsory back about 2005 but decided against it and would just go with 'natural wastage' their waiting for us to pop off or move house(or get points ofcourse)
chris it was this bit that got me thinking

> Photo-card driving licences are set to become mandatory in 2015, when new paper licences are officially phased out.
Re the speculation that paper licences are to be phased out in 2015:

Hansard - 4th September 2013

"Although existing legislation allows us to make the surrender of paper driving licences compulsory there are no current plans to require this. The European directive on driving licences does however require that all driving licences issued or in circulation must be in the form of photocard by 19 January 2033."

Also from that link - "In Great Britain on the 30 August 2013, 9,751,572 individuals held a valid paper driving licence as compared to 35,306,492 photo card driving licence holders."
i still have mine, the only issue is so many people/companies now use these as proof of identity...going to change mine for this reason as i my passport ran out years ago.
I would still have mine but had to surrender it when I turned 70.
in theory you need them if you're renting a car abroad, particularly in America - but nobody in America has ever asked to see mine, so I suspect that may be disinformation.

Have had a Plastic Card since end of 2008,
sent paper one off to lose some speeding points
and got plastic one in return.
still have mine, it looks like an ancient piece of parchment, think it entitles me to drive chariots, might renew it one day.
I've still got mine.
Still got mine but seeing as I have moved house a couple of time since I really shouldn't have!
I've actually got both, I didn't have to send off the old one when I got the plastic one; I don't know if this is still true.

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'old Style' Paper Driving Licence.

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