Chip On Windshield

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cassa333 | 20:26 Fri 20th Sep 2013 | Motoring
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Never had a chip before but the little bugger turned into a crack the lenght of A5 paper.

Oh joy of joys :(


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Same thing happened to me - cost me £70 excess.
If you've got a 'fully comp' insurance policy it's quite likely that it covers windscreen replacements. Some provide a free replacement, whereas others require payment of an excess (which is still less than paying the whole cost yourself). However such claims never affect your no claims bonus at all.
With my car insurance ( Sheilas Wheels ! ) it's £70 excess, no affect on my no claims bonus.
Just a minute; I though that you British types called that front-window thing a "windscreen"?
Ditto, tonyav.
We do stewey, as a rule.
I actually typed 'windshield' in my post, Stewey, (picking up on the original post) but then changed it specifically because it seemed so 'non-British' to me!
I must admit that I missed that, Chris, even though I read your response.
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You're right it is windscreen ... I was just watching some American stuff on the telly lol
When you get a chip you should have it filled before it runs into a big crack.
Sound advice, brinjal - I ignored it; on the inside of the w/screen I put the sat nav mount suction pad, over the external chip. During the hot weather, there must have been some expansion under the suction pad - result, long crack centred on the original chip.
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It was a chip and rapidly turned into a 6 inch crack in about 10 seconds.

£60 excess and they are coming Monday to fit a new one :)
You need Gavin
Mine was free when my windscreen smashed.

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Chip On Windshield

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