Do You Pay Road Tax?

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ToraToraTora | 10:41 Thu 15th Aug 2013 | Motoring
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Bet you don't!
How can we end the Motorist/cyclist war? Like many I do both and when I'm doing one it's hard not to hate the other!


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I think they should pay road tax and be insured!

No-one pays road tax
But it's based on the size of your engine so how do you figure out an amount for a cycle when low emission cars are exempt?
//Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) (also known as vehicle tax, car tax or incorrectly road tax), is a pollution tax that is levied as an excise duty//

///But road tax was abolished in 1937 and replaced by Vehicle Excise Duty///.
They can call it anything they like, but imo it's still a tax to use the public road.
And yes I do think cyclists should have to pay.
It's not a tax to use the public roads...

/This is a tax on cars, not roads, and it goes straight into the general Treasury fund. Many government agencies have now started calling VED "car tax" but it might be classified as a pollution tax, since it's now based on the size of engine and emissions./
Has I said ummmm, they can call it anything they like.
If it's all the same I'll call it road tax. Thanks.
Same here, douglas.
There is no age limit to riding a bike. At what age would you propose to start charging children to cycle to school?
That would be a parental decision.
So if parents can't afford it then the kids don't get to ride a bike?
children could be given free passes as they are on busses. I think that cyclists should definitely pay a contribution towards use of the roads and should carry insurance.
What would the insurance be for? Getting run over?
It's interesting how "road tax" doesn't exist - except maybe on the M6 Toll :)
We don't pay it for horses either. Even though they have iron shoes.
I love the M6 toll and use it whenever I am back on the mainland.

Cyclist should pay some sort of road tax but only if they are riding on commuter runs.
"What would the insurance be for?"

damage to other road users and their property or damage caused by causing an accident.
And there are worse emissions from horses! :)

How much would you charge a cyclist and a horse rider and a mobility scooter?

Currently Band D is £105 a year (that's a Yaris or similar)

What is a fair amount?
riders are liable for accidents though and often carry third party insurance as do riding establishments.

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Do You Pay Road Tax?

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