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ToraToraTora | 11:38 Mon 12th Aug 2013 | Motoring
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OK as we know it is now illegal to imobilise, or tow a vehicle parked on private land. Does blocking in count as immobilising? More to the point, if I come home from work and find a strange car in my drive, what can I legally do about it? Ok I see why this is necessary, of bully boy clampers and sharp practices but now surely it has swung the other way where all and sundry can park where they like!


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Sounds to me a case of obstruction and maybe you can get the police to tow it away. Try not to let them argue trespass or something and dismiss it as your problem.
well first thing id do is park behind them and block them in and ignore them when they knock on door to ask you to move the car! maybe they wouldnt do it again. some people have no manners!
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well if it actually happenned lozzer, I'd park a scrap car behind them for a long long time.
If someone or persons park a vehicle on your private property it does is I'm not mistaken class as trespassing. Technically as this vehical is on your property should you be using your hedge cutters near to the driveway and accidently slip and momenterally scrape said hedgecutters down said car it really wouldn't be an issue *nudge nudge* *wink wink*
I do apologise for my poor English. *vehicle. I did get it right the first time but the second I just slipped into something else there.
I'm tired of trying to make this look legit. I'm not mincing my words anymore. Just smash the bastards car up and make it look like an accident. If you're feeling nice give him a warning first. Maybe "look pal if you park on my drive again I'm going to make sure your bang up, old, cheap, pile of rubbish - of a car isn't going to be worth trading in for a hobknob.
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well the thing is I was just treating my fence with some very corrosive chemicals an the car just happenned to be in the way!

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Hypothetical Parking Question

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