I Don't Know Where To Put This!

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islasmum | 18:24 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Motoring
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I don't know whether to put this in motoring or technology! I've had a fair amount of trouble with my internet connection today, and have rebooted computer and router several times, and the last time I opened the desktop and gone onto IE, this message (see below) appeared on my screen - I don't know where from! I hadn't opened any of my email accounts, and I wondered how genuine it was - I am due to do a speed awareness course, West Sussex Council have given me a date for it, but have left a message on the answerphone to ask me to change the date - I rang them back, but the office is not open at present.
Do you think the page is genuine? I ask this as a few months ago I received a letter supposedly from the Metropolitan Police, locking my computer unless I paid money to have it unlocked, but fortunately found out it was a scam. . I would very much like to know how this has appeared on my computer without being an email!


National Policing Improvement Agency
You have been invited by the Police to participate on an approved national driver retraining course.
You can choose to take this course anywhere it is available and do not have to return to the place of the offence.
You can use this web site to see a list of course providers who are approved to deliver the course under the national collaborative arrangements.
Please refer to the correspondence sent to you by, or on behalf of, the Police.
It is your responsibility to book and complete a course before the Expiry Date detailed on your Course Offer. Acceptance of the offer is an agreement for your details to be held on a police database of course attendees for a period of 6 years to determine your eligibility for the next 3 years and evaluate scheme outcomes thereafter.
The offer letter details how your personal data will be processed. This complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, details of which can be found at
By ticking the box and accepting the offer of a course, you are indicating your awareness of, and consent to, these terms and conditions and of the use of your personal data.
I agree to the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act * 

Licence Number *

System Message
The DORS system has been updated to DORS v3.0.1


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The page is genuine i.e. the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme
It may well be genuine but I would be wary of something that just appeared in my browser that I hadn't initiated. Especially given your earlier experiences.
If you come across this again you might want to copy the address of the page for reference when posting the query on AB.
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Thanks ABerrant - do you know how it appeared on my computer?
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Good idea crisgel, your answer wasn't there when I posted!
Phone the office when they are open. I have done the speed awareness course. It was quite interesting.

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I Don't Know Where To Put This!

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