Zebra Crossing

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chas2008 | 15:05 Wed 06th Feb 2013 | Motoring
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worth watching for a bit, see some frustrated cyclists, taxi & bus drivers


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thanks chas - i found it starngely fascinating!
The now-common practice of some drivers stopping at an empty zebra crossing, because they think that pedestrians might want to cross is causing one or two slight delays at Abbey Road. A bit irritating for some drivers when it turns out that the pedestrians don't actually want to cross the road.
You would get frustrated when some people were clearly just doing 'The Beatles' crossing.

On the other hand....from the day I started my lessons I always slow down coming up to a pedestrian crossing. Left right left right...carry on.
however, people don't really seem to be getting frustrated - more just barging on past
still watching - it's near;y dark and people are still doing ti!
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like you bednobs i find it quite fascinating to watch ,have a look at the weekend,much busier,its also one of the better quality live webcams...

Nice to see Beatle mania is still alive..
The crossing isn't in the same place as when The Beatles were photographed on it - it's been relocated.
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might be some doubt there Hopkirk...

Well well.
still watching it on and off a few days later: people are Craaaaaazy

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Zebra Crossing

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