Stop-Start Cars.

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Toureman | 12:14 Mon 04th Feb 2013 | Motoring
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Are the cars with the stop-start facility worth having?

They do save a very small amount of fuel of course and help the environment in a very small way, but, did you know that the car battery will cost 2 to 3 times as much to replace for this dubious advantage?

The starter motor will take quite a bit of a pounding aswell.


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Rather guess it depends on the sort of driving you do.

I'd imagine if you're a London minicab driver it's a lot more beneficial than if you live your life on the Motorway

Got a link to the above?
They are very annoying to drive. I've had hire cars with this feature. The company said that drivers kept reporting it as a fault, but, anyway, it's very eerie and not immediately apparent what pedal to press to start up again or stop it.
I would agree with your statement Toureman,

The starter motor will take quite a bit of a pounding aswell.
The Audi version claims to save 0.2 l/100 km in diesel during the combined cycle.
I rough that out to around £60 per annum assuming 12,000 miles per year. Not enough to pay for batteries and starter motors if they need replacing more frequently than with normal cars.
The Kia ce'ed has two starter motors, one for initial starting and the other for the stop/start system
Also on the ce'ed, the system can be switched off.
That would really wind me up!! Its bad enough with our new car, it doesn't have a hand brake, I hate it, I want a hand brake!!
So replacing one of those batteries on that BMW costs about the same as replacing a tyre

Don't think that's going to be a big issue for BMW owners then do you?

Morning sigma,
do you have a link to that article, given the size and weight of a starter motor that's a very bold move by Kia.

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Stop-Start Cars.

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