Ford Focus Audible "bong" - What Is It?

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Philoctetes | 15:13 Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | Motoring
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I have a "Y" Reg Focus 1.6 Zetec Estate with climate pack. Had it for a good few years. Twice in the last fortnight, as I turned the ignition, there was an audible "bong" sound (quite soft, almost like a lift arriving at the next floor). On both occasions the car had been idle for a day or so because of ice and snow. On the first occasion the red battery warning light stayed on, but everything functioned as normal; today no warning light, but everything functioned again.
a) Any ideas what the "bong" is, please
b) What should I have done about the battery warning light? Are these connected?


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Ice/Temp Warning on the O.B.C.

Have you left the lights / door unlocked?
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Door might have been unlocked - central locking is erratic! What is "OBC"?
On Board Computer????
The way the weather has been & with the Central Locking systems acting the goat, it may have been that, that's causing your problem, they do that.
Question Author
Thanks - I shall stop expecting everything to blow up!
Yes with the weather being as it is, Maybe its the chime being activated that normally tells you you have left your lights on, with ignition off and door open.?

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Ford Focus Audible "bong" - What Is It?

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