Refinishing a Moto-Lita stearing wheel

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mjwman | 13:54 Fri 23rd Nov 2012 | Motoring
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I have a Moto-Lita steering wheel on my Triumph Spitfire which is wooden over an alloy core joined with alloy rivets.
A few years ago I refurbished it back to the wood, stained it walnut and Ronseal varnishrd it with 5 coats. It came up well other than the varnished alloy bits were golden in colour.

I did it again a couple of years back after being assured the "crystal clear" varnish I used was just that. Again a good 4 coat finish but still golden bright parts, though not so marked.

All the new wheels I see have totally silver rivets and rims. What varnish or laquer can I use to do it again, that will really be clear?

Moto-Lita could not advise me as "The oil based solvents and compounds we use are not available to the public"

Any ideas guys (covers all sexes)?


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I think you need to use a cellulose based clear lacquer.

This will mean stripping back to the bare wood and applying three or four coats. Should be much quicker than oil based varnish, and a much better finish.

You may be able to buy this lacquer in spray cans.

Good luck.
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Thank you. My Christmas period job then!

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Refinishing a Moto-Lita stearing wheel

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