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looobylooo | 16:18 Mon 15th Oct 2012 | Motoring
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Hello again!
Ok, my next question is this, please ~

Is it worth paying the extra £26 a year, to include the 'Legal Assistance' in your car insurance policy..?

Over the years I always have, but I'm wondering if I really need it, and what does it actually mean/cover..?

Thanks if anyone can offer any help x


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Probably to help you claim uninsured losses
When I was in a very serious accident years ago I would have struggled without the legal assistance.
I got the direct uninsured losses paid very quickly and they handled the compensation case, which took 6 years to settle. Much better than the 'no win, no fee' ambulance chasers, this was a highly respected firm that handled my case.

I was in no fit state to sort it out myself so was very grateful I was covered.
I pay the extra premium on my household policy and have needed to use it twice. I was able to make successful claims on both occasions having suffered personal injury (not car accident related). Without it, I would have struggled making the claim, I fully agree with hc4361.
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Ahh ok, I see,
so Yes, it's worth still taking it out then.

When you think of what might be involved, like in HC's and Furry's case, it's not alot to pay is it!

Ok, one shall be ticking that little box once again then.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me :o) xx
In my case I had to finish work as a self employed driving instructor at the age of 42, I was covered by Girl Guide insurance for injury whilst engaged in Guiding activities to a maximum of £15000. I was first offered £750, then £1500 evenutally getting the full amount. It took nearly 3 years to get that amount and 3 medicals. It cost me absolutely nothing with the legal assistance in place and had the Guide insurance not agreed payment, the case would have gone to court. They saw sense in the end. I will always pay the extra premium. Whilst it is dead money if you don't need to claim it is a necessity if you do.
I pay the RAC for legal cover, and it costs £25 to have joint cover for me and 'er indoors.

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Insurance Policy - Legal Assistance

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