I hope you will not find this question 'monstrously' difficult to answer

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JonnyBoy12 | 12:07 Sun 12th Aug 2012 | Motoring
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I would like to know more about monster trucks and the road use of them in the U.K. Below are just some of the questions I am asking:

1. What is the legal use of them on the road?

2. What is their top speed?

3. What size engine do they have?

4. What is their fuel economy?

5. Can anyone drive them on a car licence?

6. Where do I find new tyres for them?

7. How many gears do they have?

8. How much weight can they carry in the back?

Many thanks in advance for your kind and helpful replies.


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You might find several of the answers here
1) they wouldn't generally be legal for road use.
2) depend on the truck
3) depends on the truck
4) depends on the truck (but likely in the gallons per mile rather than miles per gallon)
5) see 1
6) they tend to use earth moving equipment tyres available from most large trye manufacturers, costing upwards of £2k each.
7) depends on the truck
8) they are not designed to carry loads.
Some are legal on UK roads. A few for sale here:-


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I hope you will not find this question 'monstrously' difficult to answer

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