Urgent assistance with car mechanics terminology needed.

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Bambiagain | 12:27 Wed 01st Aug 2012 | Motoring
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Help! I am doing a translation into German for a friend (don't panic, I'm not asking for help with the German unless you know it) who had an big American Ford and has bought parts from America. The car is in the garage awaiting my translation as nobody can read the instructions. I am having a lot of difficulty myself as I am no mechanic. Could anybody please explain the following for me, to help me to make sense of it before I translate:

1.Use worm drive clamps... what are these? I don't know how to explain and they aren't in my dictionary.

2. Remove bolts at exhaust manifold to up pipe connections... Is an up pipe connection an entity, or is it saying something about upping the pipe connection?

3. Remove manifold to turbo y pipe... Need the sentence explaining.4.

4. Similar to above . Reinstall manifold to turbo y pipe... Taken together, these suggest the sentence in 3 could read "Remove manifold from y pipe." Or am I barking up completely the wrong tree?

Thanks very much in advance. These are only 4 out of 32 instructions, so I think I'm not doing too badly so far.


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Jubilee clips in uk for sure but called that colloquially ONLY here.
Jubilee is a brand just as Hoover is a brand of vacuum cleaner.

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Urgent assistance with car mechanics terminology needed.

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