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MsBehave | 16:51 Mon 23rd May 2005 | Motoring
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Just a silly little question but its something that really bugs me.

Why is it that cyclists use the road when they have a new and perfectly reasonable cycle path about 10ft away from the busy road. As a car driver it annoys the hell out of me. Especially when they (cyclists) dont tuck in towards the kerb!

I encounter this problem pretty much en route home every working day. They get in the way, you get past them only for them to catch you up at the traffic lights where you then take ages trying to get past them ..again! Sometimes when you reach the lights they get off their bikes and walk over the crossing or they have the cheek just to keep going!! It amazes me.

Does this annoy anyone else?

Sorry. Rant over :O)


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yes it annoys the hell out of me too! they r the cause of so many hazards on the road i think the should be fine for causing trouble to motorists
I am both a driver and a cyclist, if there is a path I will use it, as regards to tucking in next to the kerb that's where most of the potholes are as well as drains and such, it might not be much of a hole to a car but from a cyclists point of view it does not take much to through you off.
Where I live the cycle paths are always covered in glass and stop when crossing busy road juctions so the cyclist has to walk across them most of the time.

As long as you give them plenty of room and a cheer when they have lights on in the dark I wouldn't see a problem.

My husband has a low tolerence level for cyclists too.

If he sees cyclists not using the cycle lane when there is one at the edge of the road, he drives in the cycle lane in front of them.

I used to pass a cyclist on my way to work who had a little flag sticking out the side of his bike to ensure cars gave him enough room. He was quite happy to tuck his flag in though when he was weaving in and out of the traffic and flying through the red lights that obviously (!) do not apply to cyclists.

Twice recently I have nearly had a collision with a cyclist. I wasn't driving but crossing the road when the "green man" was showing. These idiots are a law unto themselves.
and they also use the roads without paying any road tax, and cause accidents without having any insurance!  they deserve to ride in the potholes, untill they pay to have thhe roads improved.  I especially hate it when their cycle helmets are strung over their handle bars!  Like thats going to help stop your head from caving in when you fall off! They must know that 98% of the car-driving public are bonkers, and yet they still go unprotected.  I also hate it when their kids have cycle helmets on and not themselves - it just dosent make any kind of sense at all
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I have to heartily agree with mdoo98. When I cycle, I will not cycle in the gutter because it's full of glass, drains, pot holes, you name it. Because of all this stuff, you're only seconds from being sent off balance and if you do start to wobble, you've got nowhere to go but on your face. Should I risk my life or health so I don't impede people who couldn't give a monkeys about me and my safety?

I do wear a helmet because I personally know someone who was in a coma for 2 months after colliding with another cyclist when not wearing a helmet. I also stop at lights. And use them if it's dark.

I don't always use cycle paths because more often than not, they're token gestures and you get there much faster on the road. They're also frequented by a demented bunch of people called pedestrians!

I also drive a car and therefore I pay my road tax. I'm fully entitled to be there.

How much are you really inconvenienced by a cyclist or two? Are you in that much of a hurry that the 30 seconds to a minute it takes you to get past safely will mess up your plans? Or would you rather risk killing me to not be late to something that in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter that much?

Chill out!!!
Agree with Ralph but I don't expect to get mown down by a cyclist when the TRAFFIC lights are on red.
Question Author

Wow thats some response, thanks everyone. Must admit i did say in my original post that, 'they dont tuck in towards the kerb'. In my defence, i didnt mean why not cycle in the gutter. I simply meant that when you are driving in busy traffic and everyone has to slow right down (a dangerous thing to have to do if you suddenly find yourself stomping on the breaks at the end of that now very long line of traffic) because a cyclist has decided to sit pretty much in the middle of the road,how on earth are you to get past that safely?? Its little wonder why drivers cant stand cyclists!

Id also love to know why cyclists who know they are vunerable on the road, dont wear a helmet? Very strange behaviour and outlook to have. That would be like me driving without a seatbelt and yes i do know that one is the law and one not. There is no excuse for being stupid though!

So anyway, we still have to use the road together and obviously that means continuing to be curteous to one another. From my point of view though i was commenting the road i drive to work on which has a perfect cycle path which always appears to be clean and acceptable. The only problem is that i helped pay for it no doubt and no _ugger uses it!!

You know what really annoys me - motorists using A roads when there's a perfectly reasonable motorway nearby ;)
I used to use the cycle path but in a one mile section I had to stop and give way to traffic ten times. Frankly it was a lot faster staying on the road.Further on the cycle lane just stops and traffic is funneled into the space that you were occupying which can get exciting. Had it been as it is in Holland, where cyclists take priority over everything and the cycle lanes are well maintained, then I would still be using them now.I also drive a car and ride a motorcycle and can appreciate the frustration felt when cyclists flout the law, but these people would probably do it irrespective of the mode of transport.

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