The dsa official highway code book

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Dysheeky | 11:07 Wed 09th May 2012 | Motoring
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Hello, I've managed to source a highway code book and was told it was the 2007 edition, would this still be valid today? Haven't they updated it to a 2012 edition yet?


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Doubt much has changed, but you can check the full highway code online.
11:10 Wed 09th May 2012
Doubt much has changed, but you can check the full highway code online.
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Thanks I was told this but thought this just might have been their ploy to make a sale, I also just wanted to make sure I wasn't filling up my head with old signs as it could get confusing.
Whilst we're on the subject I've been told that the best driving book is the The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills. Is this true or are you aware of a better book? (I know you can see this all online but would prefer book version so i can read on my commute) :)
Ebay are offering The Highway Code, valid for 2012,
If you look closely at the cover it says, 'Revised 2007 edition'
Can't answer that question. but just checked and September 2007 is the last printed edition of the highway code, so looks like you have the latest edition.
Full contentsList of contents of the Highway Code to help you quickly find what you're looking for.
IntroductionRules for pedestrians (1-35)Rules for users of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters (36-46)Rules about animals (47-58)Rules for cyclists (59-82)Rules for motorcyclists (83-88)Rules for drivers and motorcyclists (89-102)General rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders (103-158)Using the road (159-203)Road users requiring extra care (204-225)Driving in adverse weather conditions (226-237)Waiting and parking (238-252)Motorways (253-273)Breakdowns and incidents (274-287)Road works, level crossings and tramways (288-307)Download 'Light signals controlling traffic' (PDF, 80K) Opens new windowDownload 'Signals to other road users' (PDF, 100K) Opens new windowDownload 'Signals by authorised persons' (PDF, 123K) Opens new windowDownload 'Traffic signs' (PDF, 475K) Opens new windowDownload 'Road markings' (PDF, 715K) Opens new windowDownload 'Vehicle markings' (PDF, 537K) Opens new windowYou and your bicycleMotorcycle licence requirementsMotor vehicle documentation and learner driver requirementsThe road user and the lawPenaltiesVehicle maintenance, safety and securityFirst aid on the roadSafety code for new driversOther informationWas this information useful?

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Google in the New addition of the Highway Code Dy.

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The dsa official highway code book

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