Towing a car on a trailer

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d9f1c7 | 18:47 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Motoring
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I'm getting all sorts of conflicting information from friends and collegues. Do I need any special licencing/training/certificates etc to tow a car on a trailer behind my landrover for private purposes? Any experts out there?


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I should think not only common sense D9, have you handled one before?
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yes I have towed trailers of various kinds, I'm talking about the legal position here as I haven't done it for a while and I don't know what the current position is and the DVLA site is a total mess of abiguity.
Not called for, TWR....
depends on how long you have held your licence. Recently issued licences not allow it without extra training. But any licence issued around 5 years of more ago is ok. We had this problem when my DIL wanted to tow a car, she only passed her test last year and it was not allowed . I passed in 1971 and it is ok for me.
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I have category BE whcih as far as I can tell says I can have a car + trailer not exceeding 3500kgs and the trailer laden cannot be heavier than the car. Is that interpretation correct?
Hee you are , if you passed the test on or after 1st January 1997 you need to pass an additional test to tow a trailer/ caravan.
Us old timers are OK !
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Not that I'm planning to do it but I also have D1E which I only just noticed and that says I can drive a minibus between 9 and 16 people and also a trailer, combined weight up to 12000kg!
No problem for you then !
What DT?????
Have you ever driven a Car / Trailor DT? be good enough to answer, the answer I give to D9 was not nasty but an Enquiry & there was areason I asked, but I see you haave jumped the gun as many do.
Yes I have TWR, particularly boats of various sizes, the smaller ones in many ways hard to handle than the heavier ones, (weight over the wheels etc) and I have a Class III truck licence too.

Read your own question/comment - it is, in part, unintelligible and, the other part, rather condescending. This, on top of your rants earlier on the French thread this pm....
Incidentally class 1, but there was a reason that I asked D9 the question, but obviously you jumped down my throat without waiting for D9 reply. Been that you have a class 3 you will not know will you.
I don't actually give a sh..t, TWR, it doesn't affect me
and why didnt you lay out the parameters as Eddie did? That was more helpful....
Your right.
Both our "rights"

Anyway, I am off to the local in two.....a pint beckons.
Question Author
So what was the reason you asked then TWR, it did come across as a little condescending but I let that go.
The main reason D9 was the reverse manoeuvre, & the Jackknifing, my reply was NOT intended to belittle you only to try & help, but it seem others have taken it in the wrong context, it seem you cannot do right on this site lately.

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Towing a car on a trailer

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