Citreon C3 ECU Fault

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jmc59 | 10:19 Tue 06th Mar 2012 | Motoring
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Hi i need some advise. My C3 went into limp mode i managed to get it to my local garage. After 2 days in the garage i went in and asked them what was wrong with it. They said they wernt sure but it could be the throttle, the electrician would have to check it out. I then got a call to say it was the throttle and it would cost £160 to replace. When this was replaced i was told it had to be linked to the ECU but they had to wait for an electrician. 3 days later the electrician arrived, i was then told the throttle had blown the ECU and it would need repairing. I would have thought when the electrician tested the car in the first place this fault would have been found. I think the garage assumed it was the throttle and when the electrician arrived the diagnosed the ECU.I seem to think i am paying for a part i diddent need. Has anyone had a similer problem with the C3


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This is not a problem with the C3 what you have here is a garage that has no clue. "They said they wernt sure but it could be the throttle, the electrician would have to check it out"
Garages that say that are guessing and getting you to pay for their errors and effectively their research. All they have to do is plug in the correct computer and the car will tell them what is wrong. They probably don't have the kit so they are winging it. Is this a diesel by any chance? The reason I ask is that a pal of mine has a C5 and his went in to limp mode and the problem was the Cat system and the cleansing fluid etc which is what deisels have to make them cleaner.
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No it a petrol engine. When i went into the garage after the throttle was fitted they had there computor connected to the ECU trying to link them together. They said there computor was not big enough so an electrician with a £10000 computor would be there in the next few days to sort it out, this is when they diagnosed the fault on the ECU.
From past experience ( C3 and C4 in the family both were exchanged for another make due to too many fault codes keep showing up, ) if you have fault messages coming up on a Citroen best to go to the main dealer, even though they also screw up on their diagnostic checks,they do have the correct equipment.
What year is the car?
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To add Jmc, ask the garage for the part they replaced & get it checked by a decent garage, you have a right to have the replacement part If they have changed it ( Which I doubt) where did the electr arrive from? Africa lol, they are taking the Izz Jmc, If they would have diagnostic tested the car in the first place they would have found the code for the problem.
Oh heck - a month ago I bought a car - C3 2003 - should I be worried ?
It's just one of those things Mojay, do not panic, many cars have different probs.
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Its my wifes car we have had it from new only done 30000 miles never had a problem with it untill now. We still havent got it back, the garage we took it to is our regular garage. I think they were that embarressed, after a week they provided a courtesy car.
I would still ask for the SO-CALLED defective Throttle Jmc, I think what they have done like so many garages nowadays, its a case of elimination, change that to see if its better, then try & change that to see if it's that, at the end of it you are paying for parts that are faultless.

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Citreon C3 ECU Fault

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