Renault Espace 1.9DCI Turbo Problems

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dylankirby | 22:26 Thu 16th Feb 2012 | Motoring
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I have a problem with the Turbo on my car, it is making a whining noice everytime we accelerate the garage said it sounds like its on its way out.

It is a 53 Plate 1.9DCi, I have read that it mat be covered under YELLOW OTS Scheme, does anyone know if this still applies?

Many Thanks


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If you are lucky it might just be one of the boost air pipes leaking which would cause a noise. Needs closer investigation.
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The biggest joke is the local garage to us are more expensive than Renault to replace it, if it is the Turbo, Renault quoted £1068 saying 5.5 hours labour included in the price and the local garage said £2000 quoting 10 - 15 hours at least...
I doubt you will get any cash help from Renault as yours is a 52 reg.

Get it fixed soon as you can as the 1.9 turbo on your Renault is prone to oil seals going, if that happens your turbo can run out of control using your engines engine oil to power it.

It will run at maximum revs until the engine oil runs out or the engine blows up.
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Its a 2003 and 53 Reg which was the one they recalled, yes were going to get it up to a garage today and leave it there
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Just found out Renault replaced the turbo at 70,000 miles in 2007 and it's now on 118,000 and Renault don't cover it from 48,000 miles difference
Have a look on this forum.............


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Renault Espace 1.9DCI Turbo Problems

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