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Ankou | 16:52 Thu 26th Jan 2012 | Motoring
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mrs kou has just rang to say her back numberplate is missing.

obvioulsy we need to get a new one and in the meantime put somehting in the window with the number on, but would you report to the police in case it was stolen and is being misused?


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i would,

if put on a very similar vehicle for cong charge evasion or speeding ticket evasion (or worse) at least you have it logged with police...get a crime number, they wont bother calling round, then if you get fines or your door bashed in after a brinks mat type episode you have it covered!
when you go for new number plate,take your log book with you or they will not give you a replacement.its up to you if wish to tell the police
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update - local bobby has just phoned mrs kou to let her know that a similar car (although different colour) has been reported driving from a petrol station in a nearby village without paying - with her number plate on. so the bobby wil be cycling around tonight to take details.
It'also illegal to drive on a public road without a legal registration plate!
not just log book-
The registered supplier will need proof of your identity, as well as proof that the registration number belongs to you.
Tell mrs kou that was a useful scam she thought of, but how much did the other colour vehicle cost her ? You'll need to try it a few more times to make a profit.
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og, you mean, how much did it cost me .......?!
Don't waste their time. If someone wants plates they can order any plate on line from dozens of places with no docs needed. I can't see anyone bothering with half a pair of, probably damaged, plates.
d9f1c7, if you read the answers above you will see they already have.

My neighbours plates were nicked recently and used to steal petrol. Next thing she knew she was being pulled over herself by the boys in blue. Her reg pinged their ANPR camera.

Always report if your plates are stolen, to protect yourself.

I believe you can buy plates now that break up if removed.
Years and years ago the back number plate disappeared off my Astra when it was parked in the works car park. The car was 9 years old with the original plates (still had the 'Graham's of Wigan' logo on them from the dealer that sold it new) and I could see where WD40 had been sprayed to loosen the rusted screws. I reported it immediately to the old bill, not so much in case of speed camera detections as they were fairly rare back then but in case of something more sinister.

I had no alternative but to drive home 25 miles with no rear number plate as it was late when I finished work and nowhere was open to get a new plate made up. Stuck an A4 sheet of paper in the back window with my registration written on it in felt pen.
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just as an update and to round off.

local bobby popped round and told mrs kou what had happened. stolen car etc etc. anyways, she was told she could still drive and just needed to keep her car documents and the bobby's business card with her at al times in case she was stopped. he didn't mention anything about a temp sign or suchlike.

anyhow i did some prints for her to stick in her screen and she picked up new plates which i fitted at the weekend. £20 for two plates + £5 for some antitheft screws + £xx for me huffin and puffin in the garage and drillin holes and ending up with minor cuts and bruises and a slight sweat.
all sorted now.
well done Ankou, a chap after my own heart thanks for looking after your missus.

Yes definitely report it :) You need to report it to the DVLA and also the Police. This will help if your plate is mis-used in any any way. You will need to drive around with your crime reference number for a while though I'm afraid as once you have reported the crime to the Police, you, the innocent car owner, will get stopped. It is inconvenient but much better than the alternative. See website they may be able to help if you do have any problems :)
ankou, how much for you to come round and huff and puff in my garage?
Yes you definitely need to report it to both the DVLA and the Police. You will have to drive around with your car registration documents and your crime reference number for a while as you, the innocent car owner, will get stopped by the Police with the ANPR systems on their cars. If you do become a victim of someone using your number plate for illegal means, leaving you with the consequences, please feel free to contact us as we may be able to help.
The Team at NotMyCar
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