Cam Belt / Timing Belt

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Bazile | 14:52 Wed 11th Jan 2012 | Motoring
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I have been quoted a price of £ 150 labour to change the above on a
Peugeot 307 - 51 Plate .

I am also advised that I should have the bearing , tensioners , pulleys ( i think that's the things the guy said ) changed as well .
The pack with these things will cost about £ 80- £90 , but dont quote him on it he said as he will have to check .

1. Is the labour charge quoted , reasonable ?

2. Is it advisable to change these other things as well ?

3. Is it usually sufficient just to change the belt only



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Seems like a good price to me.
Yes, I would recomend the whole kit. Sold as a whole kit on e-bay
I wouldn't skimp on something as important as the cambelt.


labours about right & advice correct, unless you know the history as to wether the tensioners/pulleys have been changed it would be advisable to replace.
Quoted price for a Renault Clio was just over £300

£150 + parts is cheap
Only just seen your second post, thats not a bad price, all these parts have to be removed to replace the cam belt, don't skimp otherwise you will pay the price Bazile.

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Cam Belt / Timing Belt

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