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mungbeanz | 08:28 Tue 13th Dec 2011 | Motoring
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Has anyone else had problems using this service?

I put all the car details in properly and it says that my car is not on their records.

Its SORNed at the moment and I have bought insurance to begin on the 20th December as that's when the car will be returning to England.

The website should be able to find it on their records though surely???


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OK. It has MOT. the insurance will start on the 20th. I will buy tax on the 20th. I just hope that i don't set off the tax cameras. The car will be legal, just wont have a disk in the window.
The car won't be legal, the offence is failure to display!
Why not buy the tax in Folkestone, and put the disc in the windscreen.

You won't be able to get it on line. My Mother in Law tried that for a SORNed car, but had to go to a post office with the registration document.
If you can and do buy tax online on the 20th, you will be ok to drive without the disc, there is a grace period. I usually print off the confirmation and carry it in the car until the tax disc just in case, but they say that's not necessary..
You do have a grace period to allow for posting.
There IS a grace period for tax renewal.

There is no grtace period for coming off SORN

Also, how are you legally getting it to the other side of the channel? It must be UK road legal to be driven on UK plates in the EU.
There is no grace period for tax renewal, and never has been.

There is five days grace to not display, when it has been taxed on line or by phone.
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Berkshirelad. the car is not in the EU. I am going to get it legal before I drive it there. Thanks all for the answers. I am going to hope that there is a grace period for non-displayal.
As I said earlier, if you have only recently taken out the insurance to start on 20th Dec it may not yet be on the DVLA database so you won't be able to tax the car online. As others have said your only other option is to take the insurance certificate and MOT and any other documents to a Post Office on the 20th Dec.
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