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dylankirby | 15:44 Sun 04th Dec 2011 | Motoring
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Can someone please tell me what the quickest amount of time is to get trade plates from DVLA?

I have sorted out Motor Trade Insurance, I am just getting in to selling vans, I will be buying my first Van to sell next week, and work from home. Obviously the majority of them are un taxed, which will pose issues of driving them, can I get a van taxed at the post office without having to send the V5 on trade policy?



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Since getting trade plates (for the first time) involves an interview process, I doubt that it will be quick but your local DVLA office should be able to advise you:
(Your local office will also know far more about taxing vehicles than any Post Office will).

In the meantime, read the guidance notes
and fill in the application form

another point to remember , you cant drive vehicles that have been declared 'SORN' on trade plates, something many people dont realise.

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Help With Trade Plates Please & Trade Ins

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