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morg_monster | 10:20 Tue 26th Apr 2005 | Motoring
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While driving this morning I came off a roundabout in the outside lane onto a dual carriageway, with slower cars on my inside so I stayed in the outside. By the time I was doing 60mph there were 2 cars left to pass, doing about 45 mph.  Suddenly there was a car behind me, flashing lights, driver shaking his head at me.  I thought maybe there were emergency vehicles around, but no, so I carried on, passed the cars a few seconds later and then pulled in.  As the guy passed me he mouthed something at me and then did the same thing to the next car.  The man looked so respectable that I thought I'd done something wrong! 

If I was overtaking someone then it is fine to be in the outside lane isn't it? I passed my test about a year ago and still get fits of inferiority sometimes - Am I right in thinking this guy was just a t*sser?  (which happened to be what I mouthed at him... the best word I find as you don't have to move your lips to say it... I'm a good girl really!)


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Typical woman a world of your've done something wrong and you don't even know what you've done.

I've lost count of the times I've seen someone do something stupid in a car and when you look at them they're blissfully unaware of whats happened, usually a male/female pensioner or a young woman on her mobile......and yes I'm a sexist pig, goes without saying so don't bother !!

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OK so obviously all the other drivers this guy proceeded to do the same thing to along the road (male and female, old and young, small cars to vans) were also doing something wrong which they didn't know about.

I'm not in a world of my own when I drive, I consider myself a conscientious driver and I'm always very aware of things like hogging lanes or pulling in/out dangerously.  This situation was very straightforward as I'm sure you realise from my post and I drive the same route every day in exactly the same manner with no problems.

Pure and simple this guy was driving aggressively because he just couldn't wait for people to get out of the way in their own safe time, and wanted to drive at god knows what speed when most of the people in his lane were already going 10mph above the speed limit of 50mph while overtaking slower cars. I know that often this kind of behaviour is precipitated by some event, sometimes minor, sometimes not, but there are a minority of people who drive at the limit all the time.  Driving like this can cause accidents and to be quite frank with his stress levels he looked like a prime candidate for a heart attack!

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Plus... I'd just like to say that I never ever ever use my mobile while driving, even before it was illegal.  there's enough to concentrate on as it is.
I dont think you did anything wrong morg_monster.  I wouldn't advise doing anthing other than ignoring them for safety sake.  You'll probably find they are a released into the community case or Audi driver - which amounts to the same thing really.


!st of all it sounds as if you were correct in that you were ok to proceed in the right lane if you are passing slower moving traffic.

I must stress DO NOT attempt left foot braking, this is dangerous to the untrained and even an expeirienced rally driver would not attempt it on a road.

Now what to do, 1st accept that not everybody has the desire or wish to become a good driver whether by stupidity or ignorance. accept that to be a good driver you will have to make allowances for the PRATT (Person Responsible for Attroucious Traffic Trauma)

Now how to deal with them, the highway code says "if a vehicle is travelling to close behind you, increase the distance between you and the vehicle in FRONT" this means you have to slow down a little, even just liffting your foot from the gas is often enough, they will have to slow increasing there stopping distance with you. Albeit cursing you but all the same slower, and like someone said smile sweetly don't get confrontational it never works. Hope this helps

just read your you did not do anything wrong.but i'd like to say welcome to the  british way of seems to be happening more and more each month both mail and female drivers alike. sad really.
i've read a few of the other suggestions given,and even though i feel they mean well.i would never advise you or anyone else to break with the left foot whilst driving as this is a very dangerous practice especially as you are already concentrating on the vehicle behind.if something should suddenly happen in front of you,with the possition of your feet,it's a catastophy waiting to happen.your a good driver don't allow others to make you bad.
It seems to me that you did nothing wrong and at least you admit to the possibility of fallibility and appear to be seeking to be the best driver you can. The real danger is from reckless drivers like your t*sser who judge not only others as poor drivers, but themselves as infallible ones. Common sense tells us they are not so superhumanly skilled that they could stop in time to avoid an accident if there should be a problem if they drive a foot or two off the rear bumper of the car in front at high speed. In their arrogance however, they think they are immortal speed demons and regard other road users with contempt. I would support their right to gamble their own life but not to risk the lives of others who have never granted them this right. It can be very frustrating not to be able to discuss these situations in person at the time but it is best to try and let it go. There seem to be so many of these people on the road and unfortunately it will happen again. The best thing to do is what you did, let them past as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. ...and then forget them.
Incidentally, I don't think gender has anything to do with your actions or reaction in this situation. While I understand that there is some evidence that women have slightly poorer night vision, in all other aspects of driving they are as good or better. Actually, I would not be surprised to find that testosterone is a factor in bad driving and high speed accidents. Just a feeling. I have no evidence for this. My own experience also tends to support the idea that women are better multi-taskers (well better than me anyway) which I would think is a valuable skill for a driver.

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