fiat cinquecento electrical problem...

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benny3008 | 19:32 Mon 28th Nov 2011 | Motoring
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my fiat cinquecento has an injector problem which this evening caused the car to lose power for about 20-30 seconds, it eventually gained power again but the passenger front indicator has not worked since, causing the indicators to flash/tick very fast when indicating left. I have tried a new bulb and fuse but neither have worked, it doesn't work on hazards either. :-( could this problem be linked to the injector problem? it seems very odd that it were to go at the same time. I have also tried WD40 on the contacts but to no avail. does anyone have any suggestions as i'm getting very frustrated.


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Okay, i have the indicator problem sorted however if anyone could shed some light on the injector/ignition problem, please do! :-)
Rover to Fiat, eh?
Ok mate ..
Is the rear working ok?
You need to trace back the wiring to the lamp to a multi-plug .. and check the actual fuse connections .. that hold the fuses .. (not the fuses themselves)
Look at the flasher/hazard relay connections in the fuseboard, and plug/unplug a few times with some WD40 sprayed in there (plenty of it)
Is the fuseboard under bonnet or inside?
Problems in Fuseboard might affect the ignition and/or injection module .. yes.
Ok .. flasher fixed. Check fuseboard and also a good main Engine Earth .. (wherever it is) next.
Why do you never come back about car stuff Benny?

You too busy chopping onions, stirring gravy or something?! : )
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Hi, sorry for delayed reply, nope, neither of those albags, i've been at work. :-( thanks for suggestion, I shall have a look tomorrow when I can see what i'm doing. :-/ I have put a bottle of wynns injector cleaner in it this evening which seems to have helped so far however it is too early to tell because the only journey I have done since putting it in is home from work.
I thought you were a chef .. That's what chef's do! : )

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fiat cinquecento electrical problem...

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