if Al is around or anybody with audi knowledge

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DTCwordfan | 11:50 Thu 20th Oct 2011 | Motoring
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Got an 02 Audi A3 1.8T and its running well.

However, have been getting a yellow warning light. First of all the lub sensor was dodgy, but then it persists coming on two or three days after having knocked it off.

We thought it was perhaps in the solenoid but my garage (non-Audi and generally very proficient) this morning tried that and its not that. The local "specialist" happened to be around and said that they have had a 'nightmare' with this code, 17608, in trying to find out what it is - could be something in the induction or electricals at large.

The engine is running well, ditto the turbo. It's just one of those annoying things to have on the display and also it is masking if there was something more serious going on.

The question is if Al or anyone has come across this poser and what did it turn out to be?

My thanks in advance


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Hi mate ..

Code is supposed to be Boost Pressure or diverter valve in my list ..

We used to run this model on gas ... super duper on gas it was too ..
However .. it's coil over plugs isn't it? We had a problem with one that was putting MIL light on.
What's if drive like just off throttle .. light load?
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Al - thanks for your feedback -when you say gas - a high octane fuel or even LPG.

Yes coils over the plug, one went about three months ago - an easy replacement.......and it is the garage's suspicion that it could be buried in the electricals.

not sure what you mean by your last load (other than me) in the car - seems to be ok on the drive though occasionally a little slow to kick in.......

Yes .. performance just off idle .. without too much load/throttle on. I always check it there because it is a difficult 'map' to fuel .. any ignition/coil problems often show there as hesitancy/misfires, etc. What you could do with is some spare coils to substitute. I take it you just changed the one?

Yes we did multi-point map lpg (propane) injection on Golf turbo, Audi and Passat with the good 1.8T motor.
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Thanks for that - and yes I did as to a coil, Al.....sounds like they should have been changed out.
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thanks Al, I did change one out recently - sounds as if I should have changed all four then, assuming that there are four?
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the beauty of LPG by the way, especially the saturated field gas (no isomers) - and then have you ever run on alkylates - the straight carbon molecule ones......(what a lot of the F1 teams use, octane adjusted to largely RON 98 over here in the EU).......
Hi ..

Well it would be worth trying swapping them out to see if light stays out.

Yes .. did a lot of development work with lpg in cars. Golf GtiT's are great on it .. as are the old K-Jet GTi's.
Lots of current motors would blow their tops on that stuff tho : )
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true.......I used to work on autogas development in Be/NL/Lux...and then in sorting out the vagaries of the domestic markets in North Africa and C/S America.

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if Al is around or anybody with audi knowledge

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