How much does it put your car insurance up having 3 points on licence

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spam_face | 11:32 Mon 15th Aug 2011 | Motoring
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can anyone help please?

does anyone know roughly how much difference it makes to your insurance by having 3 points on licence. I got a speeding fine which i have sent my licence off to have the points. I got my insurance in April and paid £350 for the year on a ka, with 7 years no claims. I'm wondering how much they may charge me when i notify them?


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one 3 pointer won't change it, 2 together will.
Googled your question, and it says shouldn't make any difference to your premium. As its such a common thing to happen these days, most insurers disregard it, but must be notified.
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that's a relief, many thanks both for your help...
the majority of insurers wont change cost of premium for just 3 points. Some do though. Do make sure that you notify them straight away though.
I am insured with Direct Line and I got 3 points for speeding in July. I notified them and they said it wouldnt make a difference to my premium at the moment but when it comes to renewing in October, it may be slightly higher so I will let you know!
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as soon as i get my licence back i'll let the insurance company know, thanks all, much appreciated..
It does increase the renewal Spam; just try for an on-line quote, first without the points then add them and see the difference.
It will definitely increase your premium

as madmaggot states try an online comparison with and without points. From memory my 3 points knocked it up by about 60 quid

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How much does it put your car insurance up having 3 points on licence

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