Forgot to get my car an MOT

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Halifaxmum | 21:53 Tue 28th Jun 2011 | Motoring
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My car's MOT ran out in Januay and I totall forgot to get it renewed. I am insured and was trying to buy my tax online when I found out it wasn't MOTd.

Can I just go tomorrow and get an MOT? Do I have to take the old MOT certificate? Do I need any other paperwork for an MOT? Basically will I get in trouble?

I know I've done a stupid thing here and I know it can affect my insurance, so please don't lecture me! This is very unlike me - I've had a rough past couple of years and have been unwell. I've always done everything legally and properly and this is my first time, so please be nice.


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get it MOTd tomorrow, then take that and insurance docs to get it taxed. You dont need to take the old MOT with you.
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Thank you red! *breathes a big sigh of relief*!
Just ring a garage tomorrow and book it in asap, it's sods law you'll get stopped on the way but you can drive to an appointment.
You'll be fine H, just get an MOT as soon as possible. No need to take anything with you. (You only need the old one when you want the new one to follow on from it)

There will be no questions asked at the garage, you just get it MOT'd and only drive it to and from the garage. Once you've got the certificate you can tax it.

Rest easy and sleep well tonight!
Since your car hasn't got a valid MoT certificate, you can't drive it on the public highway except to take it to a PRE-BOOKED MOT test. So phone the test centre first! (Otherwise, it would be really annoying if you happened to get stopped on the way to the test centre after having 'got away with it' for the past 5 months!).

You don't need to take the old MOT document and you can't get into trouble for driving without an MOT. (As far as 'the authorities' know, your car might have simply been in your garage since January).

And will the new MOT have to run from when the last one ran out?
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Thank you Maidup and Chris - you have put my mind at ease and I will at least get some sleep tonight! x
I'm pretty sure it runs from the day you get it done.
Yes, it will run from the day the new MOT is issued.
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For Ladybirder:
The new MOT certificate will commence from the day on which the car passes its test. (As I said above, the car might have been garaged since January, so it wouldn't have needed an MOT during that period).
I never take an old MoT when I get my car done and I've never been asked to. It will run from the date you have it done.
Yes the new certificate runs from the time it is printed. Don't tell anyone you've done this and don't forget next June to get it re-tested, God Willing I'll be here to remind you
OK thanks - nice to know in case I ever do the same.
be fine halifaxmum, I forgot mine last year too!......not for as long as you, but was fine, got my new MOT from the day the test was done, and then taxed the car! problem!.....
I taxed mine on line tonight and it took about 4 minutes. I was amazed. Can't believe how easy it was.
And just to back up Dotty's reminder, you'll have the MOT at the same time as the tax now, which is handy as you get a reminder for the tax.

I hope it passes first time!
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This is why I love this site - all your lovely helpful answers have put my mind at ease and saved me a night of panicking! Thank you all so much xxx
be fine halifaxmum, just hope it passes first time, and doesn't cost you big bucks!........mine usually fails on silly things!.....then repairs, and re=test!..........all more cost!......Oh the joys of motoring!
I've just done the same thing. Changed cars and my last car was MOT Jan the same as our other car. Just completely overlooked it, only found out just when we tried to tax it online? Oops. We were supposed to be driving down to the south coast today too, now have a test booked for tomorrow morning, will be going on holiday a day late, providing it passes of course?

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