Blocking a public road

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Davethedog | 10:08 Thu 31st Mar 2011 | Motoring
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For many years I have used a back road, now and again, on my way to and from work.

This road is in amongst housing, and is indeed a rat run. This road now has a gate across it usable on by the emergency services. It is obvious why it has been done and, to be honest, the residents have my sympathy.

My question is what is the legal situation, that a council can just arbitarily close off a road to traffic and can they do it on any road. This road is paid for and maintained using council tax money, but by gating it they effectivly have made it a private road to be used only by the residents.

I understand the, for want of a better description, the moral position so don't lecture.



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We have a similar road near by. When it's open it allows access to the train station as the crow flies, otherwise drivers need to drive round the main road or through another housing estate. I'm not 100% certain but I was told they are only allowed to close the gate for a certain number of days through the year. It isn't allowed to be closed permanently, and this does seem to be the case.
I'd be willing to bet the road wasn't just arbitrarily closed. the council probably spent several 10's of thousands of pounds debating it and running studies into the effects of closing it before passing legislation saying it can be closed.

There also would have been a notice about it in the local press sometime before it was closed to allow for objections.
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Yeah I thought there would be, as I say I can't really be angry, but it means I have to sit in traffic for ten minutes longer.

Thanks both
It sounds odd that they didn't try a traffic restriction order first - ie 'no vehicles except for access' - a lot cheaper.

Or maybe they did and it was widely ignored.

There's a road near me where this happened some years back - but the difference was it wasn't a public road, but a private one, owned and maintained by an estates management committee. Could that be the case here?
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Dzug - no its definitely council, the road runs past the old power station at Greenwich and its cut off a garage on one side and a builders yard on the other. Never any access only signs. In all honesty I obey the rules and wouldn't have transgressed.

No I think Chucks right they probably put the notice up, no objection and away they went. Some years ago they did the same on the other side of the houses, about half a mile away, blocking access to main road.
normally they just shut one end so it's no longer a rat run. The gate situaion is a pain in the proverbial, do the residence have some sort of key card access system then?
I suppose some sort of planning application must have been submitted and accepted before they can do this! But it seems councils can spend our council tax on what they seem fit! after all its us who elects our local officials and trust to spend our money wisley?

Residents here took matters into there own hands and blocked there road (which was being used as a rat run) with wheelie bins!

Power to the ahem people as citizen smith used to say ;0)

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Red John sorry didn't see your reply no its a padlocked gate I presume there is some sort of master for emergency access.

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Blocking a public road

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