driving after illness

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sylvania | 08:56 Mon 28th Mar 2011 | Motoring
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I know a lady of 81 who has not driven for 2 years due to a hip opperation and double vision. Her walking and balance is not perfect although she "says" the bouble vision has improved. Can she legally get behind the wheel again or does she need refresher lessons or another test?


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Legally she can drive. If she hasn't declared her physical problems to her insurance company, she may not be insured though.
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And before anyone coments ...... spelling mistake on the second double mentioned.
After 70 you have to renew your licence every 3 years (i think) but I'm not sure if you have to provide a medical certificate. In any case you are required by law to notify the DVLA of medical conditions and there is a minimum standard of vision. I imagine she is reluctant to give up her independance but from what you have described i doubt she'd pass a medical. There is nothing really stop her getting in a car and hoping no one finds out. If she did have an accident I think the state of her health, if she's not informed them of it, would invalidate the insurance. You are obviously not comfortable with the thought of her getting behind the wheel so I would try to discourage her or at least get her to go to the doctors for a medical first.
You should only post your question once to avoid confusion..

At the age of 70 and after that every 3 years you do have to apply for a new licence and answer a few questions on your health, no medical is required but this has no relevance to the question.

Having refresher lessons would not improve her vision or balance!

You cannot take another test if you have already got a full licence unless ordered to by a court because of dangerous driving etc..

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driving after illness

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