BMW Drivers?

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Info Freak | 23:00 Fri 18th Mar 2005 | Motoring
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I was just reading an answer on the hubcap question below when I started to wonder what is so wrong with BMW drivers?
Now I've starting thinking I think it must be a jealousy thing anyone know?


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There is nothing wrong with BMW drivers, its the BM drivers that have the bad reputation. They will always try and be faster than anyone else on the road, and they'll always try and get into the space on the road that they want to be in when they want to be in it, to hell with other road users.
Drivers of cars by 'other' manufacturers don't like BMW drivers because they don't realise that there is a definite distinction between BMW drivers and BM drivers.
Those people that call their BMWs 'BM' are not real BMW owners for they are merely trying to live up to the dream of driving a real BMW. Beemer drivers also fall into this catagory.
A BM/Beemer driver will try and muscle their car in anywhere they can causing several near-misses along the way, whereas a BMW driver does, in fact, own the road and 'other' drivers will automatcally give way eliminating the need for the BMW to muscle in.

Perhaps i should clarify, i only typed BM as a means of shorthand, and for no other reason - i do not consider myself a macho girl, and therefore have no reason to want all the space in the road - IN FACT i used to own several Volvos and only recently gravitated towards BMW so ,in all honesty with my pedigree, I DO own ALL the road and the verges and the footpaths - so there!

It's to do with the type of person who aspires to owning a BMW - Typically in professions where being aggressive is an asset - Often sales weasels who see it as a sign that they've "arrived".

3 series drivers seem about the worst and as for convertibles or M3 owners - watch out

BMW...Says more about you than a cheap suit ever could.

Jake - I know erica and there is no way that she is an agressive person and the only reason she has a BMW is that it was at the right price, right time and had a lower mileage than her Vitara and she is quite right when she said that she owned a string of Volvo's I know, I paid for them.
its moments like this, after reading all this bollox, that i want to get in my 325 and drive it like a mo fo

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