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denis567 | 22:18 Fri 10th Sep 2010 | Other Vehicles
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I live quite near to an Eddie Stobart depot (Sherburn, near Leeds) and I just wonder if anyone knows what they do at this depot. We see a constant stream of vehicles going in and coming out, but I wonder what actually happens inside the building.
I have looked on the Eddie Stobart website, but it does not seem to give that information. Perhaps someone who works there, might be able to provide some answers.


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If it's like haulage companies near here, they will be bringing goods in, offloading into their depot, then collecting them again and taken them on the next leg of their journey - or sending empty trucks out to collect goods from manufacturers and deliver them somewhere else.
They have another depot just off junction 18 going towards the A5 to Milton Keynes. its near a DIRFT station, something to do with freight haulage,
I believe it's an ambient storage (pretty much room temperature) warehouse. Although this may mean they store pretty much anything and deliver it on to Customer locations Europewide! Send their website an E mail, you might get some interesting feed back, they're quite good like that!
Many large companies have 'hubs' where goods of varying size and amount are recieved from around the country. Those goods are then arranged and loaded on vehicles travelling to particular towns, cities or areas of the country. The supermarkets operate that way as do courier firms as it's most economical. Maybe the depot near you is one such 'hub'.
Have you thought about writing to the depot manager? asking him what you've asked AB. Maybe you could get together with a school and have a visit, a lot of Co.s do this.
If you don't ask you don't get.
Good Luck deni...(maybe you'll get your name on a truck)

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Thanks everyone for their input. There is a 6 part series starting on Friday, on Ch 5, about Eddie Stobart, so I will watch that, and maybe I shall get the information.
its nearly all coca cola and other coca cola schweppes products in sherburn,i know this because i spent nearly two years working on agency for the place

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Eddie Stobart depots

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