24 volt inverter & a DAF truck.

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zabado | 15:51 Sat 24th Jul 2010 | Other Vehicles
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I have a 240 volt fridge that runs from a 24 volt cigarette lighter socket through the 24 volt inverter to the 240 volt fridge in my truck. Q. Is there any device I can buy to put in between the cigarette lighter socket and the inverter that will switch the inverter off before the batteries are too low to start my truck the next morning . My boss would make me pay for a call out to jump start the truck and one of these days I will forget to turn the inverter off.


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I don't think there is such a thing, but phone the CB Shack on 01925 757200 and ask them...they will know!
Can you not switch the fridge off? do you tramp a lot? is there food in the fridge? ask Carlise truck stop for advise if you travel up there.
Put the lead for the inverter through the keyring holding your car keys each day.

You will have to unplug it at the end of the day to get your car keys back.
Hi Zabado,
Youcould fit a timer to turn off the 24volt after a set time. here is a link to one that might work.{query}
You would need to buy a cigarette lighter plug and a length of wire (twin) to power the clock. Make sure the polarity is correct, 24 volt + is the centre pin of the plug. Link the terminals you powered the clock from in the back of the unit , 24volt + and - to the input terminals that are switched by the timer( power input terminals ). Wire in
your inverter to the power output side of these terminals.(again 24volt + and -, making sure the polarity is correct,) to the 24volt + and - supply to your inverter.
Set the timer to how long you want the fridge to run, and your off! The timer remains powered while plugged in, but uses very little electric. Sorry if this is a bit wordy, but it might be of help to you if you can do a bit of electric wiring.
Good Luck.

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24 volt inverter & a DAF truck.

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