Caravan Rules And Regulations/Parking-Siting-Sleeping/Etc.

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squidgelet10 | 19:53 Mon 19th Jul 2010 | Other Vehicles
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Greetings each.
I intend to use my newly-acquired caravan to make occasional visits to friends/family etc in various parts of the Country on an "ad hoc" basis.
Should I decide to "park-up" overnight in a lay-by, or other publicly accessible area, to crash-out for the night am I breaking any laws/regulations/etc please?
A full list of legal requirements regarding caravanning would also be invaluable to me as well, if anyone knows a reliable source, please.
Be good!


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Lay-bys form part of the public highway. Any vehicle parked on a public highway (other than in a built-up 30mph area, with street lighting, when facing the direction of traffic flow) must display lights at night. A large number of HGV drivers seem to get away with ignoring the law but Pc Plod might not take too kindly to you trying to do so!

Further information here:

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it's not a very safe thing to do whether it's legal or not. there are plenty of very small, cheap sites where you'd be better off staying. have a look at 'caravan talk', it's a very good caravanning forum and someone will have the answer for you.
Chris, that link you posted has surprised me.

It says "...that it is an offence to tow in the outside lane of a motorway or dual carriageway with three or more lanes"

I can find this in the Highway code for motorways, but not for dual carriageways. Do you know of anything that proves them right or wrong on this?

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Caravan Rules And Regulations/Parking-Siting-Sleeping/Etc.

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